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 Remote Snap !!

It is hard to take a great picture of groups though iPhone with holding it in your hand except your arm is EXTREMELY long. That's why our app is offering a Remote-controller system between two iPhones.

Put your iPhone(working as a camera) on a desk or something and make a pose with your friends, then take a picture with your friend's iPhone(working as a remote-controller).
+ Easy connection between two iPhones working as a camera and a remote-controller.
+ Wifi mode - no distance limitation of connection.
+ Preview function(In App purchase) through remote controller.
+ Switching function of Front-Back camera mode.
+ Turning On/Off function of the flash.

How to use
1. Prepare two iPhones.
2. Start our app in the 1st iPhone and touch a camera button. Then, you will get a Serial Number of the camera.
3. Start our app in the 2nd iPhone and touch a remote-controller button. Then, input the Serial Number of the camera in remote-controller.
4. Take pictures by touching the button of the remote-controller.



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