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Absolute Board Calendar is the first functional app derived from Absolute Board which is the best quality drawing and handwriting App in AppStore.

* Apr '11 - "New & Noteworthy" (Productivity) app on the US App Store *
* Apr '11 - "What's Hot" (Productivity) app on the US App Store *
* Apr '11 - "Staff Favorites" (All) app on the Korean App Store *
* Apr '11 - "No. 1 Free App" (Productivity) app on the Korean App Store *
Our new app 'Absolute Board Calendar' is innovating functional app beyond other calendar app. Just keep your everyday life through drawing & handwriting. You can draw & write unlimited quantity of pages in a day. Absolute Board Calendar provide you sorting pages day by day. It's so simple and convenience.

Through the high speed and quick response that you're already experiencing in Absolute Board, Now you can create your own genuine diary and idea note organized daily.

With Absolute Board Calendar, make your powerful functional calendar which was never existed before.
  • Drawing &handwriting type daily planning + idea note (Unlimited quantity)
  • Calendar from 1900 to 2043 with presenting solar & lunar date.
  • Customized holiday setting
  • Converting solar <-> lunar date of special day
  • Day count
  • Unlimited board size
  • Unlimited color choice for pen & background
  • Path traceable eraser
  • Ability to email snapshot of your drawing
  • Zooming in/out & moving with two fingers
  • Undo/Redo functions



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