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 Lunar Event

"Lunar Event" is a Utility program that automatically insert Lunar Events into iCal (A default calendar program in iPhone/iPod)

You can input one-time or repeated lunar events by easy setting, like you are adding general events in iCal.
Why lunar events are needed?
Many countries in Asia such as Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, use Lunar calendar and Solar calendar together for one's birthday, memorial day, new year's day, thanks giving day and so on. Therefore, if you're living in those countries or your work is related to Asia,
'Lunar Events' is essential App for you to remember special lunar events to keep your good relationship with others.

How to use "Lunar Event"
+ Start this App and add events based on lunar calendar.
+ Then, new events will be seen immediately in iCal.
That' all!

For example, you can add events like this

+ Holidays of Lunar New Year's day (January 1st in the lunar calendar in Asia)
+ Holidays of Thanks giving day (August 15th in the lunar calendar in Asia)

Free Version allows 4 events.
You can buy unlimited item in app purchase.



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