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Bingo Bout! is a simple style online BINGO game based on WIFI / 3G.
With your friends, you can enjoy Bingo Bout! in a private room,
and you can also enjoy Bingo Bout! in public room alone.
Because in public room, the opponent will be selected automatically.
+ The game is consist of 25 numbers (1 to 25).
+ You can select any number by touching it.
+ The number chosen by the opponent will be shown automatically.
+ If you complete 5 lines first, you win the game.

+ Very simple UI.
+ Fast response based on WIFI / 3G mode
+ No single player mode. (Opponent will be selected automatically in public room)
+ No need to be in same place with your friend to play Bingo Bout!.
+ Support private room (ID/Password)



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